152 x 76 x 6.35 in 6082 Structural Aluminium at 9.90m per length times 5
After a turnaround of roughly three months my main rails arrived to day from Ullrich Aluminum. They were extruded in New Zealand and the shipped here. Capral does produce in Australia but wanted 500kg minimum quantity which is way too much. Four of the five length are around 270kg (that was the minimum quantity).

I have to ask my CAD system about the weight of just the 5 length. I have never really looked at it individually only together with the other components.

It is mighty impressive when you see the truck coming and reversing into the gate and thinking that the total length of our rig is just a bit over 3 feet less. The trailer is a lot shorter but our truck is longer. I have to think and plan carefully where I build it on our property that I get it out, once it is done.