A quick overview of all the different technologies and technical concepts I am using for the control system and the van. These are points of interest which are not common in RV’s or vans.

Udoo with Freescale i.MX 6 CPU and Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 CPU (same as Arduino Due)

Arduino Uno with ATmega328

XBoard V2 with Atmega328P low voltage version with Arduino bootloader

Ethernet for loacal Lan

Wifi long range access point with up to 15km reach with WPA-PKA2 protection

Ubuntu Linux 12.04

Samba for file exchange between Windows and Linux

Java as main programming language on Ubuntu and Android

Eclipse IDE for Java development on Windows and Ubuntu

Android Studio for Java development of remote control applications for Android phone and tablet

Glg Toolkit for graphic programming of SCADA application and live graphs

MySql DB for data storage

Apache Web Server for log and data display

ZoneMinder for security system and camera streaming with IP-cameras

Infrared remote control interface for Arduino to clone all on board IR remotes

Face recognition for access control to central controller.

Central control of all signals with safety algorithms and diagnostics

Dmx512 light control protocol and controllers with USB adapter

1 Wire sensor bus for sensors

Camera streaming with control functions up to 15km away

Abs system for trailer with OBDII connected brake controller

LiFePo4 Batteries and battery management system

Air springs with auto leveling system

Hydraulic stabalisers with automatic levelling system from Bigfoot

Solar hot water system with pex piping and solar circulation pump

Diesel heating with Glycol circulation heat exchangers for heating and hot water

Composite fibre glass panels for body

Composite Aluminum honeycomb panels

Onboard Air system on truck with 1hp high flow compressor

Airbag management system on van with remote control/display from vehicle

Redundant switches and controls for manual operation in case central system is off-line

Fully self contained electrical system with 2.2 KW semi flexible solar panel.

Shower with circulation tank and high pressure jet pumps, cotrolled with waterproof touch buttons

Sensor touch buttons for all switches

PIR switches for skirting lights with night mode, controlled by central system

TV lift with remote control interfaced from central system

Bed head tilt to shorten matress when slide-out is in

Electric gate valves for holding tanks

Capacitive tank senders for all holding and water tanks