I have not posted in a while again. Kiting season has started too, so have to be even more efficient with my time. Finished the main switchboard. Below is a picture from my internal installation documentation. It is a website running on the central system of the van with all information about components, connectors, serviceable parts, cable routing, fuses and positions etc.


Below is a connector for the 12v coil cables of the latching relays in the main board and the energy meter signal outputs. Documentation is not yet finished for the installation site. Will be similar to the image above, but shown in the actual position which is not yet determined.


Below is an image of the subboard for the small inverter. This inverter is running permanently and powers the fridge, awning, Wifi if required and the ceiling fan.

I use a separate energy meter for the fridge circuit to monitor consumption. The Wifi circuit has a separate latching relay connected to switch off when not needed. The Wifi is only used when we are away from the van and all other times it is off to avoid stand-by currents.


The cover for the subboard is installed.


The cover of the main board is also installed.


The main board is completed.


I also had a problem with the trailer battery. It is a 40Ah Lithium and one of the cells dies. I opened the case and measured the cells. One is a bit lower and one is dead. I guess it was overcharged on the way home from Qld because it was always connected to the Sterling DC-DC charger in the truck and does not like the high charge voltage it produces for AGMs. I do not have any other explanation.  I will replace the cell and not use the Sterling anymore. My own Dc-DC charger will take care of this.


I also installed, actually moved, the components for chassis control. Levelling system and air system controls are relocated and I have added a battery selector. I can run the trailer brake actuator and ABS actuator from the trailer battery, also the levelling system. The selector gives me the option to switch to the house battery. I plan to use the trailer battery when travelling and for levelling I will use the house battery. The brake away system needs permanent power when travelling and the house battery can be disconnected under overcharge situations.


I have both electronic and mechanical controls for the airbags. In case electronics fail I have a backup system to fill the bags to the desired pressure. The pressure gauges are twin needle gauges, one for left and one for right.