Done lots of things, little stuff but lots. Today I picked up the steel for the trailing arms and the rods to make the jig for the suspension hangers. Will talk about that later .. The trailing arms are made from 65x65x5 C450 galvanised steel (Duragal Plus).
I could get away with 4mm but decided to have more safety margin, I have a 6t rated chassis after all, so the trailing arms should not be the weakest link. I push comes to shove I can fit an air over hydraulic unit instead of the electric over hydraulic unit and go past the 4.5t, because the chassis and the running gear can handle it, however I would also need an air unit on the truck, but I already have a strong compressor anyway, so it would not be a major drama.

Many more electronic components have arrived and I have started to test them. Current sensors, Audio, the IR emitters for the
IR remote controls, and the small relay boards with 4 relays each to drive the motor ball valves and the waste gate valves.
Done the temperature sensors and the CAN bus shields and have placed a couple of chapters on the website including a copy of the first version of an Arduino sketch for you who like techno babble.

I have changed the front section of the chassis to have all 90 degree cuts. I had the neck on an angle, getting smaller in the front but decided to change that since it is easier to weld the two sides on top of each other making sure they are identical. With the rail of the neck on an angle to the main rail it is not possible. This required to change the cut list and now I have 90mm left of 49.5m of the 152×76. Two beams have an 8mm off cut, well 2 cuts will need 3mm blade width, so I will end up with 5mm cut off.

I also added some thoughts about weights (ATM, GTM etc) and my take on the ambiguous definitions in the law.

My Victron gear arrived last Friday (2 inverter/charger and 2 solar controllers) and the flexible solar panels are expected tomorrow.

I also checked and measured the coupling/ball on the truck and organised a 102mm hole saw to make the hole in the bed for the coupling underneath. The ball sits 100mm in front of the rear axle of the vehicle, which is just perfect, but I also changed the length of the neck a little after I triple checked the clearance above and after my motorbike behind the truck