Long time no post. Been really busy with my commercial project and was in Melbourne and Sydney for presentations, 4 days each location. And did I say I was and still am really busy with that :). However I need to get going with my van. We want to get away this October/November so I have to get into it again.

I have done some more work on the body, but this is for another post.

I just finished my internal documentation for the Victron MultiControl replacement after I have done a field test (in the van) and made a couple more modifications after discovering some reliability issues with the Ethernet shield.

Before I repeat everything here I thought I just link the page from my Development Wiki. This is the format I use to document all the components and aspects which are important for me to remember for later use when I or somebody else needs to repair something.

http://teutanic.com.au/multiControl.html  This link shows the internal Wiki page.

Other pages are not available online, this is just an example. The HOME link at the bottom of the page does not lead anywhere. This is just and example of a Wiki page. I also have an Installation Wiki where I document where things are in the van and how to get to cables and components and how to use and service everything.


dsc_2182 dsc_0339