No cutting today.
I have weighed most components to double check with the calculated weight in the cad model. So far all is good, my entry doors were actually 7kg lighter than assumed in the model. Windows, steps, legs, baggage doors, tanks were pretty much spot on.

Finished the program (sketch) for the Arduino to be functioning as a gateway between Ethernet and CAN bus.
Works well, have included a page on the website about that.

I also have received my current sensors for the Arduino and will connect and play with them tonight.
I will use those current sensors to monitor if actually a load is drawing current when switched on to verify that it is actually working. I also intend to use the current sensors to monitor the movement of the slid-outs, tv lift and bed lift and switch supply power off when current increase over a threshold, meaning that the movement has reached an extreme.

The next lot of laser cut parts is ready for pickup, just one lot remaining and I will pick up everything together.
Not much else to report about this project for now.