Right now I am still waiting for some CAN bus shields and digital temp sensors, but they are expected soon. Yesterday my NVR arrived (Network attached Video Recorder). I did put in an old SATA drive (Will use an SSD in the production version) and the thing was working very well only after a few minutes. The IP camera is great, good image quality and very sensitive in motion detection. The recorder starts automatically with motion detection from any of the connected cameras.

Although I am very happy with the quality of the camera (both built quality and image quality) IP cameras have an inherent attribute and that is that the display is lagging behind by a few milliseconds or as much as half a second which makes the not really suitable for real time imaging. Would be great to also use them as rear view camera, but the lag is a bit disturbing. So I may have to stay with the ancient analog cameras and separate displays. I am so over that analogue camera stuff, although it is very cheap though, screen for something between $10 and $15 and a CCD camera around $25. I mean this is a fraction of the IP cameras although they are not that dear either ($90 on aliexpress).