Yesterday I almost finished a prototype of the first production component of my electrical system. It is missing the panel plugs for external connection, which I will finish tomorrow. It is a component with 2 4 relay boards and is used to control 2 electric ball/gate valves. The ball valves have feedback signals for fully open and fully closed and are wired back to the microprocessor, which feeds this component. The unit is a very tight fit and with the lid on
(it is water proof) there is no movement inside the box. All connectors will be secured with a sealer and the outside connections are all screw on plugs, so I expect this to hold up under the worst conditions. There is also not permanent power on the box, only when one of the valves needs to move, so no heat or power consumption when not in use. This is the reason I can pack it that tight and not worry about over heating. I need to produce 9 of these units, one for each tank, only the diesel tank does not have these valves.

The plan is to finish the suspension mounts next weekend. Will prepare everything during the week – still waiting for a few parts – and next weekend we also want to turn the chassis over and finish the details. Then the wheels will go on if I have the steel parts back from the powder coater and we will mount the neck onto the lower chassis on the weekend after the next. This might not work because of the powder coating and I don’t want to mount the wheels and then take it off again for powder coating. We will see.