Above is the image of the valve control box with the plugs in place but not yet connected.

Here is the image of the almost finished box with the 9 pin plug soldered and insulated. 9 pins is the maximum my nerves can handle, after that it gets really fiddly. I have one 48 pin plug in the system and I am not looking forward to solder that.


This takes a bit time but it is nice and compact. I did not feel like use a larger box, times 9 and it needs a lot of space.
This little box is just right for the purpose. I use the same size box for the can bus and power distribution. The microprocessors need larger boxes since the have shields mounted, which makes them a lot higher.

Making a prototype box for the processors is next and then I finally have to finish my signal list to determine the complete list of components I need to handle these signals. I have to order the balance amount I need because so far I have mostly only sample quantities for test. A few components I have already in quantity.


This is the final valve control box. All wired up and closed. Very tight fit.
Tested and working. Wanted to have this done a lot earlier, but had two visitors today and fell behind a bit.