Finally … the control box for the levelling system is closed and still working :D :D
Finished all the wiring tonight .. pretty tight.. usually I don’t like it that tight,
but if I would wire it following industrial standards it would be too big. It is a one
off, so developing a PC board for it would be really a bit over the top :lol: :lol:

Now I need to finish the software.. Manual mode is working. battery voltage and internal
temperature is read and displayed. Calibration function is done and now I need to finish
autolevel (grounding is done) and hitch/unhitch lift.

I will have to optimise the code quite a bit because I am running out of space with the program. The Arduino has it’s limits, but I should be able to do it.

The box is real solid and I had an extensive “shake” test including banging it on the table and all is still working. All the components will have to endure this a few times.

Will now work a bit more on the software and the documentation.