I have finished another processor box.
This is the Ethernet / Can bus gateway. The central Linux systems talks to all the local processors and this unit converts the Ethernet messages to can bus messages to the relevant processor.
I have decided not to connect any other sensors or input / output signals, but purely let this work as a gateway or translator if you prefer that term. I have two of these, one for the left side of the van and one for the right side. I can connect the two local can buses and drive it from one gateway if the other should fail or for any other reason.

One can see the panel connectors for the USB and the Ethernet. The USB is only for programming if a firmware update might be required.


The USB and Ethernet connector.



The power connector and the Can bus connector. The box contains a step down transformer and creates
a supply power of 7V for the Arduino from the 12V supplied. Any higher voltage than 12V does not matter since the DC step down power supply regulates that. Going with 7V or so keeps the Arduino cooler than supplying direct 12 or 14V.

The next box I will make is the valve hub and then the valve control processor of which I need 3, one for every 5 valves and a total of 15 valves.