This morning I finished the data entry functions for the BMS. As I was testing the display and the functionality I grew really tired of their implementation of 7 Segment digits. They are difficult to read because the contrast between segment on and segment off is not high enough and the gaps between the segments are too big. They look like a cheap 7 segment display from the 60’s and I am not that nostalgic. So I declared them useless for the larger displays and implemented the display functions with string displays. Much cleaner and better to read as one can see above.


This was the previous version with the 7 segment display object.

I like the new version better. The data entry and all display functions are finished. The digital and analogue IO is finished, I now wait for my trim pots to finish the resistor network for the cell voltages and the I can do a final test.

I ordered another 2 of these displays since I solved the power problem I had and I am confident that this is only a problem with the USB connected and not in normal operation. I will use these displays for local control points in the van for convenience, that one does not need to go to the central touch screen for certain functions. One will go in the bedroom and one in the work area. I am not sure yet what functions I will put on them, put the beauty is that one can change that any time as I discover new purposes during the use of the system.

Switching alarm on/of, outside lights, temperature control, water heater preheat and other functions come to mind.