Today I received more parts, the proper low g accelerometer for my levelling system and a couple of other sensors, and also the DC-DC power supplies for my BMS to do active cell balancing. The little power supplies will be used to boost charge of a low cell.

The special thing about these power supplies is that they have a current limiter. I can adjust the charge current I want for cell balancing.

Will work on both, the levelling system and the BMS in the next time.

I have a couple of other boxes to finish and that is the valve controller ( I need two of them), the tank sender processor (I need only one of them), sensor data acquisition processors mainly for current measurements, but also light meter, humidity and a couple of other sensors. Temperature sensors are connected to pretty much any processor box via one wire anywhere in the van. Last but not least the switch responders reading the touch dim light switches and all the PIR (proximity infra red sensors).

All the sensors have been tested and I have the software libraries and functions for it, so it is just a matter of putting them together like the others so far.

A major manual effort are the boxes with all the simple relay switches for all the power supply lines. Two boxes with 24 outputs each.

I have not yet decided how to mount them. They all have screw terminals, but I don’t really like this sort of connection outside a closed box. I prefer connectors but it is a lot of wiring and a lot of connectors, but probably not avoidable because quite a few of those connections require a few more amps and not just milliamps, so flat cable is out.