Also today came two more shields for my Arduinos to try out.

The first one is a 27 channel PWM shield. This will reduce the number of Arduinos I need to drive the strip lights, since  one RGB strip will need 3 channels to drive it, unless one uses it in a single colour, which defeats the purpose.
I still am experimenting with DMX, and have not yet decided if I use the Arduinos or DMX for the RGB lights.
I have also a bunch of monochrome lights where I use these wireless RF switches with a single channel driver. I have ordered some double switch ones too.


The other board is an IO expansion board. This extends the digital pins of an Arduino by 16 and with two boards and a bunch
of relais boards I have enough digital IO pins to work with.

I need some more analogue IO pins. There was a real nice ADC from Dallas in a one wire configuration but this is not made anymore and it only came in SMD and that is too fiddly for me. We will see, I will find something.