Tested the new accelerometer, I did order 2 different ones for evaluation, and found the one to use for the control unit of the levelling system. It has good resolution and I finished the function to read the raw data for x and y axis and converted to degrees.
Because the chassis is that long I only get small variations in tilt compared to the displacement of both ends. So I need good resolution for the values. This one delivers enough and is also very sensitive.
It is a good basis for the level control. This is pretty much solved now. Selecting the right accelerometer was the only real issue with it.
I can now start putting the program together and build the box.

The image above shows the accelerometer board and an Arduino with CanBus shield.

This is the output to the serial console at the moment for small movements of the board in two directions.


This can be converted into a more detailed and sensitive display and control than the current control unit. Am quite happy with that.

This is enough for now. Time to finish, have an interesting day tomorrow, well actually today.