Rainy day in the office – done work on the website project.
Tonight I finished a 12V junction box for more processor box connections. It also doubles as CanBus junction box, at least for the moment. One can see the terminator plugged into the out connector.

I use standard 4 pole connectors for this, all the same despite the fact that I only  use two pins. The proper way would have been to use different pins for the 12V and the CanBus, but I decided to use the same. This makes testing easier but one has to be careful which plug goes where. But the same applies for the DMX and one wire connection which are not really save to interchange. However  theoretically I can use the same cables if I would connect all 4 pins, but that  is not really a good idea either. The cables are quite different for 12V, DMX bus, CanBus or OneWire. I use the appropriate cables and thickness for each of the types.
It also depends on the length of course and the current demand.

So far I have finished 9 different node types of my IOT (internet of things), some active and some passive.
I have a few more to go, mainly processor boxes.