• GMC Hub assembly with sealed bearings in oil bath, 8 x 6.25” with ABS sensor rated 3t/pair
  • Power Stop Brake Disc Rotor – slotted – slip on vented 12.8”
  • JH7 brake calliper and bracket 12,000 lbs. capacity
  • GMC Hub Extension for JH7 brakes
  • GMC Steel rim 6.5” x 16” 143mm offset dually wheel
  • Electric over Hydraulic ActuLink and ABS actuator
  • DirecLink NE OBDII brake controller linked to tow vehicle
  • Electric/Mechanic latching brake locks at each wheel as parking brake with push button control at van and remote from vehicle
  • Hand brake pressure warning with remote connection to vehicle cab
  • BFG Mud-Terrain 255/85/16 1540kg at 80psi load rating E
  • Ceramic bead dynamic tyre balancing
  • Stainless Steel Wheel simulators with GMC centre caps
  • Brake rotor shield from inside