• 2450mm outer width
    2404 mm inner width
    2200mm inner height
    2700mm sidewall height
    23mm wall thickness
    370mm clearance to ground all around
  • Composite panel with fibre glass, smooth white surface outside and raw surface for colour matched painting inside
  • 20mm Polyurethane insulation
  • All around underfloor box system
  • Extensive storage area above neck with 800kg capacity
  • Front storage under neck with split system air condition compressor compartment
  • Total of 31 custom made baggage access doors with key locks ( all keyed identical), fibre glass outer and inner, white frame with hidden hinge and mounting screws
  • Three full height inner walls
  • Two full height slide outs
  • One half height slide-out
  • Sliding windows with tempered safety glass, bronze solex mirror tint baked on glass, black frames
  • Two entry doors, one at the front and one at the rear into bathroom with keyless lock
  • One MaxAir Auto vent with remote control in bathroom
  • One extraction vent with light over shower
  • Two low profile Lewmar hatches 627x627mm, Acrylic glass 10mm, smoked with matching screen/shade attachment one in bedroom and one in living/kitchen area
  • Vinyl diamond plate skirting 24” high all around, silver. Heavy duty vinyl for outdoor use, weather approved with 2” chrome moulding on upper edge
  • All corners edged with 30mm equal angle of aluminium diamond tread plate
  • Positive pressure system for van interior with air filter and pre filter to eliminate dust ingress
  • Filtered fridge vent with low air inlet
  • High fan driven air outlet for fridge with thermostat