Today I spent 3 hours at the van and done my work area. Fitted the doors, the sidewalls of the cabinets and cut the shelves and supports. Before I put the trim on all the small parts I tried how my gear will fit, just to be sure.


I have a desk extension which I can put across the passage way to the deck when we not using the deck. This gives me a bit more space. I placed the power supplies for my electronic work. The laptop functions as an oscilloscope for the electronic work.


I did not put any shelves in the cabinets yet. This will come later when I know what material I have left for that. I have only two tiny pieces left of this panel, it worked out really well.


I also have a 21″ touch screen on an arm fixed to the wall. This screen is used for the radio interface program. I use a SDR (Software Defined Radio), which is mounted under the desk and is controlled through the touch screen.

DSC_1808 DSC_1806

The PC is also sitting under the desk with vent openings to the left and top, enough airflow for the liquid cooling system inside the case. I also use either the PC or the laptop to drive the outdoor entertainment system on the deck.


I still do like my 12 year old cinema display, still top quality with it’s 2560×1600 pixels resolution. The only reason to change it would be weight and power consumption, it is a fairly substantial piece.