Finished the TV cabinet today, finally. Took me a while. It shows that I am not a cabinet maker, nevertheless it is done. My circular saw is not the most precise anymore and the Duralite is not the best material either. Although the veneer is better than most caravan panels, it is plastic and not paper, however the quality of production is lacking. Many edges are not usable without the plastic trim. Would not use it again. My choice is the Ayres panel (alu honeycomb with laminate), which I will use for the kitchen. I had 9 Duralite panels and I am going to use them. The wardrobe in the bed room will be made from Duralite also.

2016-01-04 18.10.33I made the TV cabinet to fit a 55″ TV although we currently will use a 40″ FHD Smart TV with touch screen panel. A 55″ is higher than the total lift and I had to add a folding panel at the foot of the TV. The panel is folded down in above picture.

2016-01-04 18.10.52In front of the TV section I built three compartments with one lift up door. This is where a lot of the electronics will go. Easy to access in case something goes wrong and in a central position. Below the electronic section is a cable channel behind a removable skirting board for all the cables running in and out of the cabinet. A bunch of cables will run down the wall in the left corner above the cabinet and also through the bedroom wall along the floor. All cables are easily accessible. Nothing hidden in the walls or other hard to get to places.

2016-01-04 18.11.39

The first component in the electronic compartment is the TV lift controller. It is easily accessible to be reprogrammed when we might decide to change the TV to a larger one.

2016-01-01 12.36.16


In front of the TV cabinet we will have the dinner table. It is hinged on the right side of the cabinet and can be folded twice to a total size of 70 x 120 cm. We can drop it down to make room in the living area to store the bikes when we travel. We are using the bikes very often and are tired of storing them outside where they get real dirty all the time. Also, it is a lot easier to stow them inside than to put them on top of the truck above the kayaks. I do not want them hanging off the back for several reasons.