2016-02-24 18.30.17

Today I made the box for the pull out bins. One can see one of the neck braces in the picture above. This will be covered tomorrow when I also seal all the corners. The section below the removable bins is used for bottles and cans. I will make a hole from inside to push the bottles into the lower part of the bin box.  The bins pull out and can be easily removed to empty.

For the bottle section I will make a custom box from alu sheet metal for easy removal and disposal of the content. All is accessible through a tall baggage door from the outside, no need to empty it from the inside, just easier and more efficient.

The rubbish for the two bins, one organic and one non organic rubbish, is dropped through an opening in the bench top right above the bins.

2016-02-24 18.30.39

I also finished the front trim of the van. Had done the left curved part some time back, done the right and the front today. Need a couple more extrusions for the rest but am not far off any more to have all the edges done.

2016-02-24 18.30.04

2016-02-24 18.30.08

Another detail I have added today are the gas struts for the larger upper doors. The front doors are still not in, but this will be done soon. I am still waiting for some screws from Hong Kong for the window clamp frames and as soon they arrive I will finish all the windows. This is then close to have lock up and the outer van is finished.

2016-02-24 09.52.19 2016-02-24 18.29.48