The van has 3 power inlets. Two 15 amp inlets, each connected to one of the larger inverters, and one 10 amp connector meant to be used for the smaller inverter when no 15 amp connection is available. The supply for the smaller inverter can be switched between the 10 amp and a 15 amp supply. All three inverters have an automatic transfer switch for the AC input.




I have two different colour inputs. The black one also supplies the input for the smaller inverter. The inlets are placed behind a service door with openings for two leads. When the AC input is connected to the black inlet without an input on the white inlet both inverters are supplied from the black input to allow battery charging with maximum current.


I mounted the switchboard for the incoming connections. The inverter inputs require 16 amp circuit breaker. The inverter output is connected with 6 sqmm cable to a 32 amp breaker. The inverter can produce 13 amp AC and while connected To mains power the possible 15 amp input can be passed through totalling the output for each inverter to 29 amp.  Both inverter outputs are connected to the main board with separate 6mm cables with a possible total of 58 amp AC. From the main board 2 sub boards are supplied with 6 sqmm cable for 32 amp supply.


The AC input supply is connected to surge protectors and a Kwh meter for each input. I can measure input power for both input connectors.