I made the box with the power inlets earlier. Next I fitted the rear wall to mount the small switchboard to accommodate the relays required for the input selector.






The switchboard with four relays is mounted to be connected to the supply lines to the inverters.


The box is put in place inside the battery compartment and the supply cables are connected.


The switchboard is closed. This is the first component completely finished now.






The input selector is used to allow one or two supply lines to be connected. If only one lead is connected to the black connector a cross connection is made between the two supply lines and both inverters are connected to the single input. If only one lead is connected to the white input only one inverter is supplied with AC input. This is the same input used for the AC input to the small inverter. In case we need external power and have only one connection available the white input is the one to use in that case. If two leads are connected the fourth relay opens the connection to the cross connect relay and each inverter is supplied individually with a 15 Amp input. In this case the inverters can produce 28 Amps each with a total of 56 Amp combined.