Have been working on a lot of little things today and yesterday. Finished the trim on the outside edge in the front of the van, painted the slide-outs inside with bonding primer, fitted the filters for the breather lines to the water tanks and other little things.

2016-02-25 16.40.59

The image above shows the filters for the breather lines in the water inlet box. One more thing in this box and then it is finished and that is a touch screen for the tank control. From here one can directly open the valves to fill either drinking water or fresh water tanks or check the tank levels. Everything can be done on the main screen of course, but it is not convenient to run around half of the van to switch a valve, so it will have a local panel too. Later I will also have the app on the phone, but I still keep the local control, just more convenient. I also controls the direction of the output from the desalinator.

I started to finish the interior of the living area slide-out. Shaun and I followed the recommendation of Lippert when we sized the cut outs for the slide outs and the faces. They recommended 5.25″ on each size and emphasized ┬ánot to try and fit the box with less. What a load of bull, I ended up with at least 10mm space on each side. I really do not appreciate this sort of statements when they lead to such substandard results. I would have expect this as the minimum width without much play on each side, but not so. There was not much I could do so I fitted the boxes but now I filled the gap on the inside. I really should have measured and double checked the measurements of the mechanisms, but I trusted the manufacturer specifications. Another lesson learned. They just made it wider for easy (sloppy) fit. I had the same with the windows. doors and baggage doors, but there I measured and reduced the cutout sizes to a minimum for a perfect fit.

2016-02-26 12.42.57

Above image shows a bit of plywood glued into the gap and filled with glue (see below). The plywood is completely inside the glue with no chance to rot if really a few drops of water would make it inside.

2016-02-26 17.29.15

Next step was to fit the cable channel for the slide-out motor cables.
2016-02-26 17.29.29

Then I fitted the extrusions for the strip light behind the slide-out face. It is an indirect light behind the flashing of the slide-out.

2016-02-26 17.33.11

The image below shows the extrusion to the left and above the slide-out box.

2016-02-26 17.38.44

Next was mounting the strip light inside the extrusion. It is self adhesive, so quite easy to do. I had to extend one roll because the total length is 6m and not 5m like the roll length.

2016-02-26 18.04.12

After the strip light is in I fitted all the diffusers to the extrusions, which creates a better light spread. I don’t like to see each individual led even if it is an indirect lighting.

2016-02-26 17.33.56

The final result can be seen in the main picture. The light can be controlled from the central system and hue and brightness can be adjusted via the DMX bus. It is not an essential light, so it will not have an individual manual switch only remote control through the central system. It is a mood light and can be included in any light profile for the living and kitchen area controlled by the DMX bus.