The last three days were a bit frustrating since I made 4 steps back and so far only 2 steps forward again.  The reason was the runners for the drawers. I purchased the light, cheaper ones, only for weight reasons, but that was a big mistake. I mean we have them in the kitchen, cheap and nasty, and I really should have known better, but thought for the sake of the weight that I could live with it, but after fitting a couple of drawers I decided that I could not. It is just too much of a compromise. The main problem is that these single extension runners just don’t go out far enough to allow access to the whole drawer, which is a problem for the cutlery tray in particular.

I have decided not to use door handles and installed the push open switches for the drawers. They work but also are a bit rough. This is ok for the bedroom wardrobe and such, but not for the drawers which one needs  to open a lot more often. So at the end of the day I decided to use proper kitchen runners and not this cheap stuff. But that was easier said than done, because I already had the runners glued to the drawer and side walls and the new runners are a little wider and the old ones rubbed when opening.

So I had to remove the old runners. They were only glued and the glue does not hold on alu or steel as good as on fibre glass, but it was still very tough to get the runners off.

2016-04-02 17.53.03

This is the result after I got the runners off the side wall. The bottom of the drawer de-laminated. Boy this glue is strong, even on metal.

2016-03-31 13.46.35

The picture above shows the push open latch at the end of the drawer.

2016-03-31 13.46.43 2016-03-31 13.46.59 2016-03-31 13.47.16

Some more photos from the sink cabinet. The hole for the drain is not yet open in the floor panel. The philosophy of my built is that I can access every pipe, cable, clamp etc. whenever I need to. Nothing is sealed away, covered, but not sealed. I can remove covers to access any part when needed. Cabinet making is not my strong side and making the drawers is daunting, especially with limited tools, however it works and I am gradually getting back to where I was with the new runners in place of the old ones.

2016-04-04 09.12.48

I still have to make a third drawer and a shelf for the left under the basin, but I am almost there. The cutlery drawer now opens and slides smoothly all the way. I also do not loose that much height for each drawer with the new runners. All drawers all full depth, which means nothing can fall behind a drawer and get stuck as it does in our kitchen when the drawers are shorter than the cabinets.

2016-03-31 13.48.19 2016-03-31 13.48.23

I also fitted the recess cover again and one can see the speakers and grid. On the left side above the window I will fit the roller blind behind that cover.