The next steps in the kitchen were little things like missing trim pieces, fixing the bench top, fixing the seal around the bench top and the kick boards underneath the cabinets.

DSC_1747 DSC_1748 DSC_1749

I cut the kick boards, put the trim around and fitted the braces to clamp into the feet. The kick boards are removable and one can use the spaces under the cabinets for cables and pipes. I left a little gap as one can see in the image above for the height of the floor insulation and the floor cover.

DSC_1750 DSC_1751 DSC_1752

I changed the doors I had under the sink. I had two smaller doors but it did not work with the roll out drawer. I now changed it to one door hinged on the left so I can open the drawer.

The next task was to make a fit the dinner table. I had the pieces CNC cut with the kitchen bench from the same panel. It worked out as one panel with very little left. The plan was to make the table removable and extendable. We wanted to be able to fold it down to make room for our push bikes when we travel. Om the image below one can see the hinges at the trim of the TV cabinet. The second image shows the first section of the table hanging in the hinges. Once the table is lifted it cannot shift anymore since it is held in place by the sidewall of the tv cabinet.

DSC_1753 DSC_1754 DSC_1755

The foot has a support plate mounted at the top end which can slide into two positions, one for the main section and another position to support both the main and the extended section. I have tube mounted under the table parts and a rod joins the two table parts. Two clamps underneath hold them together closely. I also have could extend the table even more, I have one piece left, but we have not yet decided whether or not we are going to do this. The table is very solid and can hold a fair bit of weight.


This completes the kitchen and the living area. The pelmets for the blinds and the indirect lighting needs to be done and then this section is done apart from plumbing and electrical connections. The last step will be the wall paper when everything else is done.

As dinner chairs we use two folding chairs. They are powder coated aluminium with a strong mesh fabric as seat. They come from Belgium and are very comfortable. We will also use them on the rear deck or when we use the outside table. They store away nicely unlike the dinner chairs in an American 5er and are light and can be left in the rain without harm.  The chairs are the first bit of colour coming into the picture. The grey/silver appearance of the kitchen and the tv cabinet require a bit of colour, but this will be done with accessories and our paintings, which we will take with us. Another source of colour of course is the lighting and I will have to experiment a bit to create the feel I want.
DSC_1760 DSC_1761