Over the last week I prepared a mounting base for the inverters in the battery compartment. The inverters are meant to hang on a wall for best ventilation, however they are 18kg each and the wall is an aluminium honeycomb panel, which may not hold the weight on rough roads. I decided to make a support, which allows for ventilation and solid support.


The support is built from the composite panel of the body cutouts.


I glued it together, made the required cuts for the cables and painted it.


After the paint dried I placed the support inside the battery compartment and mounted both inverters.


Minus battery cables are all connected to the shunt.

Battery cables are connected to the inverters. Each connection is made with double 00B&S cables (70sqmm) to carry the current. All DC cables to the inverters  need to be equal length. The AC cables also require equal length.

The two inverters are connected directly with a network cable for synchronisation of the AC output frequency for tandem operation.

DSC_1906 DSC_1909