I ordered a sample blind from Turkey as a trial because here in Australia the prices are just over the top.
Silver/grey fabric, which actually is the only usable component, and beige top rail and bottom piece.  Super heavy duty motor and 45mm diameter top rail .. I mean this is suitable for a garage door but not just for a small blind ..

I expected the motor to be way to heavy and big, but since my motor I had from Hong Kong was really tiny I was not sure if it was up to the task, so I ordered the bigger one with a blind for testing ..

The big motor is far too long and the end pieces of the blind were forced on because the motor with idler was a little to long and of course under the tension it broke off.

The top rail was bent too .. you get what you pay for one may say .. not really .. because here in OZ I was quoted $580 (manual) from Kresta and $280/$380 from WA custom blinds also manual. The cheaper one being imported and to other one made in Melbourne. All with these big 38mm top rails .. I mean you pay a lot more for what you get … The fabric from Turkey if I leave the rest off is $30-$50 depending on size.

So I decided once more to make it myself .. The small motor came with the holding brackets, and idler and the remote control. I only had to make a top rail, a mount for the fabric and a rolling bottom piece to weigh the blind down and let it slip through the bottom piece when moving ..

Despite being real busy with my commercial project I took half a day yesterday and made the pieces I needed.
Took a 25mm alu tube, a small rectangular extrusion and 10mm tube, some wall plugs and, couple of furniture connectors, made a washer to fit the motor to prevent the motor from slipping into the tube, put some electrical tape around the ends of the motor end the idler to center it in the tube, fixed the motor and the idle with a set screw inside the tube, made the bottom piece and mounted the blind in its place. Took me all together around 3 hours to do it and am pretty happy with the result.

The little motor does the job without problems, programmed to low and upper limits and it works like a charm. Now the total cost for 7 blinds will be less than one blind from Kresta .. the bathroom will have 3 normal roller blinds from vinyl, which is better for a wet room …

These blinds make a very nice light. Will now order the fabric only from Turkey and will make the rest myself, as so often.


The small motor from Hong Kong.


The large motor , tube and top rail in beige with the broken end piece.


The 25mm tube with mounted motor and home made washer
the fabric is glued with double sided tape to the tube.


The bottom piece I made


The completed blind


Mounted in the van at the smaller kitchen window in block out position




Here in “overlap” position

I brushed the alu extrusion at the bottom and the top will get a small
pelmet eventually .. looks far better with the small tube at the top.