This is already a few weeks old and I have done a bit more on the lighting since then, however this should give an idea about some of the interior finish. I have painted my work area and the bathroom with a suede paint. It is applied with a brush. It is a bit of an old fashion finish; was popular a few years back, however I had some paint left from the house I have done some years ago and we still like the effect. The colours were right and the finish is nice so I decided to use this paint.

The advantage is that this paint is real easy to touch up when you have any stains or other damage. It needs a brush to apply in a criss cross fashion and makes a semi rough, textured finish. It is washable and wears well. As a preparation I had painted the walls with a bonding primer on both the fibre glass walls as well as the Duralite, which I used as the internal walls. Although the Duralite has already a finished plastic surface, I did not like the timber look in those to places. We leave the wardrobe in the bedroom in the beech timber finish, but the walls will be covered also.

2016-04-20 13.04.51  The bathroom is painted in Mediterranean  blue with an off white ceiling and my work area is an earthy colour called Sierra.

Trim around the door and the fascia for the lighting is the same alu trim as the kitchen. I also use the alu honeycomb as the fascia around the slide-outs, painted in the same colour as the walls. While most vans have a “frame” around the slide-outs with some “squares” covering the corner joints, I prefer a smooth “non framed” finish. The slide-out “blends in” with the wall.

Around the room, below the ceiling, I have an indirect lighting arrangement with RGB strip lights towards the floor and a white light towards the ceiling. Both lights can be used independently for different purposes. The white ceiling light can also be switch manually and is used mainly as passage light to the deck or the bathroom, while the RGB light is used as a “wall washer” creating a more subtle ambient light when I am working on the desk. The RGB light strips on the walls as well as behind the fascia of the slide-outs are controlled from the central system and or programmable with lighting profiles through the DMX bus.

2016-04-20 13.12.18

In all of the pictures above the fascia for the indirect lighting is not yet mounted. It is on now, but I have not taken any pictures. I should do this some time and add them here.