The batteries are in place on top of a composite panel to distribute the weight better and add stability to the floor for the 200 kg of the two battery systems. They will be secured with long bolts through the floor and into aluminium braces bolted onto the chassis. You don’t want these batteries to fly forward through the rear window of the truck in case of a crash. This would be really ugly. I have 16 stainless steel bolts to secure the casings to the chassis neck. The battery compartment is fairly larger with plenty of ventilation for the components. I can actually get in there and move around the batteries in case I have any repairs or exchange to do. I also will have an air duct from the living area into the battery compartment to keep this at reasonable temperature when it gets really hot outside.

The cables for the battery connections are on order and should be here any day. I still have to order the 12V cable for the connections inside the van.
2016-03-03 16.41.53I also have finished the separations walls and shelf in the front storage section. I use aluminium honeycomb panels with an 0.3/0.5 mm aluminium skin. They are light but solid and I was able to get some seconds at a good price. They scratch easy and you can see finger prints when you touch them, but that is really secondary to the weight benefit. Laminated panels are so much heavier and the fibre glass skin is far more sensitive to point pressure.

2016-03-11 15.11.20