A couple of days ago I installed the air condition components. I used the same concept as for the fridge. A composite panel distributing the weight of the compressor bolted through the floor with super large washers underneath. The compressor sits on rubber feet to minimise vibrations. The heavier part of the compressor sits right over the centre beam of the chassis. This compressor services two indoor units with a capacity of 5 kW. It is a digital inverter system with 4.5 star cooling and 4.5 star heating capacity. The indoor units are mounted on the front wall of the bedroom. One unit facing inside the bedroom towards the work area and one unit facing towards the kitchen.

However, we have decided to not build high cabinets on the facing wall in the kitchen because we have enough space for content and I will move the living area unit to the kitchen wall. It is less obtrusive there  and much closer to the compressor.

I selected this system because it is the lightest on the market with 37 kg for the compressor and 11 kg per indoor unit and has the highest star rating. Also we like the design of the indoor units and the colours will blend in with the walls when finished.

2016-03-18 15.47.49
2016-03-18 15.48.23 2016-03-18 16.20.41 2016-03-18 15.47.38