Today I had a few hours again outside.
I started to do all the tank mounts ..
the brackets were laser cut and bent and now I need to fit them onto the chassis that nothing moves.
The idea is that everything can be removed from underneath and fitted again if required. So welding is not going to happen because it needs to be removable.

The next best thing is to use rivnuts. Welding, rivnuts, glue, pop rivets and cable ties are the only fastening means I am going to use.
With most if not all caravans the doors, windows, baggage doors and other stuff is fitted using self tapers, metal or timber screws. This is a bad idea in my opinion especially on all those items which may have to be removed for whatever reason. Removing such screws usually widens the hole and they are never going to be as tight anymore as they should be. This is why I do not use them at all .. my van will not have a single metal screw or self taper, (I have a few at the moment as temporary solution), but all removable connections will be made with threaded bolts and threaded screws, mostly 5mm and some 4 mm and 6mm. The majority being 5mm.

I also tested the rivnuts today with the composite panel and the alu honeycomb to see how well they hold with the thin fibre glass skin. The image below shows the sample. It is very solid.
I tested the alu rivnuts but for all the doors, windows, baggage doors etc in the outer skin I will use stainless rivnuts with stainless bolts/screws.


The image below shows a rivnut installed on the cross bar for the thank brackets.


In the top imageĀ one can see the cross bar over the tank brackets, it holds the brackets in place and works as a jamb for the tanks.

Below shows the cross bar fitted, screwed from below into the rivnuts with 5mm bolts.
The brackets are also fitted with rivnuts and are held by and angle pressed against the cross member.
The image shows temporary screws to fix the in position .. the rivnuts will be fitted tomorrow.



Before I can do the other side I needed the rubber which goes onto the brackets and the jambs to avoid damage to the tanks. I went out and got the rubber for that and will fit it tomorrow.

I also made an appointment for the inspection of the trailer. That is final now.