Just a quick one, pretty busy …

Other stuff all morning, those other projects having an impact on my schedule ..

Afternoon I done some more plumbing.
Even unpacking takes quite some time .. the rest of the tank inspection openings, the tank senders and  breather filters.

Finished all the inspection lids and the tank senders in the watertanks. Have to do the tank senders in the holding tanks.  Have to source some fittings for the gray and blackwater inlets into the holding tanks. They only have outlets.

Tonight I finally ahve to finish the control unit for the legs, at least the hardware. Had to do a few modifications  but now it is all sorted and working .. just fitting some last cables and connectors. Then I have to finish the software. Tomorrow I can pick up all the airparts, some more alu and I need to get that box for the air control unit.  Want to fit all this on the weekend. Tomorrow afternoon and appointment with the accountant … tax time.

Below image shows the prepared watertank for installation of the inspection lid and the tank sender.