Next chapter for tank installation.

The image above shows the tank bracket brace mounted underneath the cross member. The tank brackets are bolted to that brace and it presses against the cross member and fixes all brackets in position.

The image below shows the lower brace for additional support of the brackets but more importantly as a jamb for the tank on one side, the other side has also one.


Below image shows the tank pressed into the location between the two jambs. I will have to remove it again to fit the valves, but for now I just wanted to make everything fit as designed.


The center tank is in with it’s top brace installed. It cannot jump high anyway but it could also move sideways which is now eliminated.



The bar across the top is held by two threaded rods and tightened from underneath.


After the install I checked the height of the bar and it is exactly as designed – perfect level with the chassis rails, so it will be an additional support for the floor although not really needed, but this also means no space to move upwards either. This would be very hard without CAD. I mean the braces are bent (with bend allowances calculated), the height of the tanks were taken off a spec sheet, double checked though when the tanks arrived in February, but I am still very impressed myself how accurate this comes together.


All 3 larger fresh water tanks are fitted. Tomorrow I will do the tanks between the wheels with the frame for the side panels of the under belly cover.



Was a bit slow today, was hoping to get further but a mate came to visit and we had a look at his new car and had a chat, so I did not get done what I wanted.

Tonight is more testing of the electronics and manufacturing cables for the install.