Next step was to try the inspection lids I have for the water tanks. I need these to fit the tank sensors. This is the price I pay for the luxury of continuous tank level readings and not just 3 or 4 steps. I could have done without the lid but the the tank sender does not get fastened from the inside of the tank and I don’t like that idea. Although the tank sender fitted very tight into the 35mm hole, it is just better to have it properly fitted with it’s designated nut from inside. Also the lids allow access to the tank interiors for better cleaning if ever required.
Above is the image of the installed lid, it is from Vetus marine.

The lid and the tank sender shown below.


After all that I put the floor back on, finished the capping all around, fitted the last reflectors and reversed the rig around the building shed half into the truck garage ready to go to the weigh bridge on Wednesday. Have purchased the movement permit and everything is ready to go.

Tomorrow will be an office day.