I started to put the breather lines in.. I had already mounted some smaller stuff but then decided that I am going to regret a small diameter on the breather when I want to fill the tanks quickly from a high volume source or want to do some transfer pumping.

Making sure they run higher than the breather connections to the tank. Have seen some real bad work on a couple of caravans from a local dealer here where the breather lines run lower at some points and can easily get filled with water and there is no way for it to run off .. collecting water in a breather hose is not really a very hygienic situation.

The connection will run to the fourth fresh water tank and then up to the filler, just below the filler connection. In case the electronics fail and it would get overfilled the water can run out underneath the filler connection and once stopped all the water in the breather line can run back into the tanks.


I have solenoids in the fill line for each tank which are controlled by the central system and will close as soon as the tank sender signal reaches full.

I have been working on that commercial project pretty much 14 hours a day over the last 3 days, but in-between I did set up my new website and transferred some pages .. the specification pages are done .. others will follow and I will also move the diary eventually …. this is a better solution for now because one can search although I am not really fond of wordpress and I can use the database later fro whatever else I may feel like doing. For now this will do for those not reading the forum and there are quite a few now ..