Then today I made a mounting bracket for the some switches next to the pressure gauges. Takes a while when you have only limited tools.

Finished wiring and then started the air system when disaster struck.

The compressor output of the control unit does not have and power although I put a relay on it and not the compressor itself despite instructions that this is possible. I did not trust the cable coming out for 40A and the compressor draws slightly more anyway.  But there is no voltage at all on the wire. Ok, I will have to go through the instructions but it is pretty clear. The display shows compressor active but not output .. damn ..

Then I started the compressor manually to check for leaks and that was the second problem .. I used snap in fittings, I was told that this would be ok .. what a load of bull .. slight movement in those fittings and they leak .. I will remove all  snap in fittings and replace them with compression fittings.. I simply do not trust those fittings on a moving structure.

Top image is the mounting bracket for the switches.
Now I have to wait until Monday to get new fittings and the whole process starts from the beginning .. cutting all the cable ties around the manifolds and fittings and replacing all snap in fittings .. They are only good in stable installations ..
I should have thought about this but trusted an export .. that was the last time I trusted that expert .. I should always follow my instincts.