Today at a friends place I filled water into the tanks. We don’t have a large enough water tank to waste it, they have huge tanks and we will get some more rain anyway.
The image shows nicely why a goose neck (ball coupling) is so much better than any 5th wheeler.
And that twist was only a small one. The truck is still level but the trailer already on an angle of 7 degrees. I wanted to level the trailer using the levelling system and it said: “Too much angle” and did not do anything … dohhh .. what a rubbish .. I used the manual mode and tricked it and got it level, sort off, and at the end it did not retract all feet properly because the foot with the switch was up earlier than another one .. it is such a nonsense system, I just cannot get over it how something like that can be actually commercially used. It was probably never really heavily tested. Anyway .. I will leave it at that now, it gets boring, but that was another push to get my own system ready.

I had around 1.5t of water in the tanks (just an estimate) and left it in for the way home, an hours drive, to see what the trailer would do under a moderate load. Did swing a little
at the rear on some stretches of a rough road, and I need to make the shocks a bit harder
and more importantly pump up the airbag of my hitch. I also have to mount a shock absorber on the hitch eventually to dampen it a bit more … this will come, but that was really only minor.
However when I go back next weekend with my air engine and air levelling system running I will load more weight and then I want the suspension stiffer. The water moved a lot from side to side during the drive, but that did not do a thing to the trailer. All in all it is extremely stable, very happy with it.

Now some more programming .. want to finish the control unit soon. And the next thing is the Lithium battery monitor with active cell balancing. I might be able to finish it before I go to QLD, but I still have a lot to do before then, so I am not sure about it.