Done a few things again outside.
The covers for the pump cases of the levelling system are on. I did cut the rest of the floor capping to finish everything tomorrow before the rain comes again on Tuesday. Wednesday is weigh bridge day.

The air engine is placed now on the chassis, no airlines yet connected though. This will come after registration. At the moment it is a simple load sharing manually controlled airbag suspension. This will change before I finally glue the floor. It is easier to finish the under floor installation that way.

Same applies to the plumbing of the tanks. Worked a bit more on the tank mounts, especially the center ones but need a couple more length of angle before I can finish. Will get that tomorrow. I did mount the house pump with the pressure  bladder. Just an ordinary pump with 17lpm and 40 psi for the sink, vanity, bidet hose and outdoor shower. The indoor shower has a different pump and the drinking water outlets have a separate pump too. The pressure bladder is pumped up  to 40 psi – the max pressure of the pump, and steadies the flow. I have been thinking about the valve locations and gave decided to not connect them directly to the tanks but to locate them together in a more convenient location.