Busy day, although I did not do much really, not even my shopping. After adjusting the shocks yesterday I went for another drive. I had around 2.7t weight on it and the bags had 50 psi – empty I had 18psi at the same ride height. I also tested and calibrated the ABS and it works well now, bedded the brakes a bit more with some progressive braking, will do that a bit more though. The workshop manual for my JH7 front brakes requires 20 brake operations with progressive pressure and various speeds. I also tested the trailer by itself again, 37% with the lever and the ABS engages because the brakes are locking up otherwise.
Below 3mph the ABS is not engaging, one can easily lock the brakes and create a flat spot on the tyres, but one would not do that right ? :lol:
Glad that this set of tyres goes in the bin after my trip, tested the brakes and the ABS on a stretch of dirt road where it does not matter that much. I also done some driving over the verge of the road into some rough stuff on the side with all the water moving from side to side. Stable like a rock in the high sea … very impressed.
I am confident now in the abilities of the chassis and when I lifted one of the rear tanks off the trailer with the forklift (the outlet was blocked), the suspension raised by at least 10cm. This was a 500kg water container placed at the end of the trailer. I had around 900kg at the end. These were extreme conditions since no weight was over the neck or even in the middle over the wheels. When the van is finished the weight distribution is much more even. Driving on and off the road with one side of the rig was not problem at all. No sway or roll, not anything really from the trailer, just followed the vehicle wherever. I would have liked  to make a video but thats too hard driving and recording .,.. :lol: :lol:.
The tanks are off now again .. maybe I make another test before QLD, but for now I have to concentrate to get the chassis finished.

With the ABS I have seen some differences in the sensor output voltages between the 4 sensors and a couple of other situations which are not covered by the DirecLink manual. I will see what Tuson has to say about that, apart from that everything shows as described and no error codes are thrown. It was not really clear if my sensors were compatible with the Tuson system, but as it looks right now everything works as designed.

This really marks the end of the chassis development, almost, the air system needs to get finished, but then I enter the next stage of actually building a van and not just a trailer chassis. It is a bit like finishing all the walls when building a house before the roof comes on. The shell is my roof and that is the next major milestone.