Another kg of unaccounted weight .. they will be gone by the time I am finished.
went and got the bits to finish the airlines.

Top image shows my manual backup solution for the air level system. I am not going to use the switches, at least no intention in the near future to wire them up although I could. I will mount 4 Schrader valves for manual inflation if everything else fails. It was cheaper to buy the unit with the switches than individual twin needle gauges.



Done some more electrical stuff. This is one box with waterproof plugs, they will be all used when I am finished.
The 3 pole ones came today so I started with the tank senders. I use 3 pin plugs for those to extend the cables to the tank sender hubs and from there to the processor box.


Here is the image for the tank sender cable with waterproof plug. I have a few of those to crimp.
Tomorrow I will try and start the air system after I wired up the 12V supply cables.
The tank pressure, low compressor start and high cut off can be adjusted through the keypad. I will still fit a pressure switch for manual compressor control in case the system does not work. I also fitted a spare port to connect an airline for each side between the wheels to use as tyre fill hose.