Finished the prototype of the level control unit late yesterday after some more documentation. The image below now shows all the components, which go in a box tonight. The limiter switch inputs from the legs go through an optocoupler board for input protection of the arduino and a defined, noise free signal. The components are named in the image.

I have extended the software to interpret the limiter switches, which I currently simulate with that orange cable and the wire at the tip.

The rest of the software to be done is some value display of the battery voltage and angle the chassis is at. I will finish that once all the components are in the box and I have a bit better control over the accelerometer once fixed inside the box. Right now that little thing gives a bit too neurotic readings, not that it matters for the test but I want to implement and test the angle limits and there a bit more control is required.

Today I will try and get my air system components.