at least for me .. Some of my kite friends have been out all winter but this winter was really not very nice in terms of kiting opportunities.

This was the first time I was out in some time, and unfortunately it was not that great. Beautiful day at the beach, nice water, but just not enough wind and I did not pack the big gun. I trusted the actual reading too much and it dropped as per forecast. The boys at the bureau got it right this time and I did not believe them. Tough luck .. next time I pack the big kite.

Will try and get out as much as I can, but the next few days will be rain again and then it is no fun although the wind is much better.

Early I done more testing with the BMS. Here is a photo of the current design. Makes a nice glow on the little screen. I like the colour scheme.


Outside I started to measure and cut the outriggers for the neck area.


I put the floor boards on, centered them on the neck and made sure they are in line with the sides of the lower chassis. The outriggers are different in length along the upper beam, because it was pulled in a bit when we fully welded the cross members. I cut each outrigger exact to measurement to get the outline as straight as possible.



Above image shows how I make sure that the upper outline is co-linear with the lower chassis. It looks like it is good enough for the side panel.

Tomorrow we expect rain, we will see how far I get with outriggers.