It is done !
Inspection took place this morning, passed with flying colours.
Now my wife will go to the licensing center and get the number plate.
Tomorrow I will pick up 5 1000l water tanks for my kids and a friend
and I will use 3 of them to load the trailer to the limit when filled with
water. I will fill all 3 tanks to a bit under full, that will give we 2700kg
including the weight of the tanks, which will take me to 4420kg total.
That’s enough for a test on a rough road. I plan to load it to 6t on one
of our friends properties, big enough to hoon around with the trailer
loaded. I better not get on the road with 6t although the chassis is designed
for it, but the law limits me to 4.499t, maybe I should have done airbrakes. :D
Now its’s too late .. but above 4.5t it is a totally different ball game.