Tomorrow I am off to the weigh bridge. A bit nervous .. I have not calculated the weight of the exact configuration I have now, only the trailer chassis with a few more things on it and I have used a bit more alu than originally planned. A few extra braces here and there, t-sections between the floor sheets, quite a bit of extra weight not included in the model as yet. I went 50×50 for the outriggers and not 40×40 as planned originally, I even used some 6082 C channel for step supports and a couple of other places which was not planned. I estimate the extra weight to around 50-60kg and was hoping for 1600kg or less tomorrow. Will see how I go.

Will try to get 4 weights done. Truck with trailer attached (ball weight), the whole combined weight, the trailer axle weight and the trailer tare. These weights can be taken as I drive on, so not much to worry about and only for the trailer tare I have to unhitch just a little with the landing gear on the ground.