Couple of rainy days. Today I did not work on the van, had other things to attend to.
A few bits and pieces arrived yesterday and today. The tank senders amongst them and some more project boxes. The hole saw from Hong Kong ordered 5 days ago came today.
The marker lights I ordered Sunday and paid express are still not sent and they come from

Yesterday it was raining a fair bit but I done 2 hours fitting a fuse box for the trailer cable.
I run all my trailer wires over separate fuses to avoid blowing the fuses in the truck. All the
fuses on the chassis are a bit lower rated than the truck ones to make sure they go first if
something happens.

I use these special fuse boxes where the crimp contacts for the wires are functioning as the fuse holders. The cable goes in from behind and allows neat finishing. I don’t like these “standard” in line fuse bases with spade connectors and crimp shoes. Some even drill a hole for each cable through the mounting surface to try and make it look professional, but I disagree there.

The crimp contacts are good for at least 30 amps, so they are suitable for a lot of supply cables in the van. I have a few of those and one can also use them as distribution box, but then one has to wire the one side to a supply cable. A bit more effort but still a lot neater than those cable shoe ones with the wires coming in on top.

Showing the fuse assembly from the rear. The conduit contains the cat5 cables bypassing the fuse box.
One more good thing about these crimp contacts is, that they are big enough to take 2 or three cables if one needs to join them. This saves space and makes the joins really solid.


Cables exiting the recess towards the top are the trailer cable and a couple of cat5 cables (for cameras and some other signals ), which run to sockets at the coupling. The cables exiting below are two trailer cables (7pin) one running to the rear of the trailer and one for the front lights.