Half a day today outside, raining again now a bit – on and off.
I have to do some other stuff for the rest of the day. This commercial project I am managing takes a bit more time off my schedule, so did the rain. At the moment I have around 4 weeks delay with my van, but that will not be the end at this stage. I still have to finish the underfloor frames before I can go to QLD but I am not stressing about that.. if it takes a few months longer it is not a drama for us, and I’d rather have it done 100% than rushing it.

I have double checked the trailer wiring because the brake controller did not find the trailer and it was one of the waterproof plugs which needed convincing .. I will replace it, it is just not reliable. With the same plug I had trouble with the brake away line.

Once I pushed all the contacts in manually a bit further all worked fine. The wiring was ok.

Above are a couple of images showing the hand piece of the brake controller. The DL on the bottom right of the screen means Direc(t) Link indicating that the controller has found the ActuLink actuator and is not using the PWM signal of a standard brake controller but the network mode to communicate over the serial connection using the brake wire. All the data is exchanged over this serial connection, voltages, fluid levels and more.
It has discovered the ABS unit and ABS is set to on.

Everything is working now as it should. I now needed the power connection to the truck because the brake actuator needs power to engage and the 40aH Lithium needs charge. I use my Sterling DC DC charger at the moment to feed the trailer battery.

I made another suzi coil with Anderson plugs for the power connection. The problem with the Anderson plugs is that the cable needs to be secured otherwise there is too much pull on the wires. This is a real disadvantage of the Anderson plugs, that they do not provide any kind of cable clamp. I will make one myself for both ends.

There is only one more suzi coil to connect and that comes later .. it is a 15 core cable with all the other signals I want to go to the truck.

If I put one of the battery banks in the truck I will also have a large power cable (350A) between the truck and the van, but this will not be a suzi coil and it is not very long anyway.

Here is the image of my low current power coil (50A) for the trailer battery.