Done some office work today .. taxes .. not really exciting .. :D

Had a few hours outside and late afternoon on the computer.
First of all I adjusted my shocks to level 9 (maximum stiffness) from level 5 (medium) and will give it a try with the weight on. Probably a bit too stiff for the current weight, I will see.. More importantly I added some air in the hitch bag to make that a bit stiffer too. Eventually I will fit a shock also onto the hitch. This will reduce possible up and down movement further.

I also had a look at at the connection of all the air lines and components. I have most of the pressure hose but need some fittings, This will be done tomorrow .. made the shopping list and drawn up the diagram for the complete air system. The bags, compressor, tank and air engine are fitted. The only component not done yet are the suspension level sensors and the pneumatic and electrical connections. Have not yet decided how and where to fit the level sensors, but either tomorrow or Tuesday this will happen. By the end of the week I want the whole system operational because next weekend is the big test with maximum weight and some dirt roads. I want to be able to test different ride heights under load.