Two images showing the difference in height between low and high.

low_measurement high_measurement



The first video shows the lift from lowest position to standard ride height.

the next movie shows the chassis dropping to lowest position.

and the next one shows the lift to highest from lowest. That
was the test when I took the measurements of the final set up.

The top image shows the panel at max height.

At the moment the chassis is very light so the lift is pretty quick. This will take a bit longer when the van is finished.

I could fill a few pages with the pros and cons and individual features, but this is too much for the diary. I found a few reasons why I would want to build my own control unit, but for now I am going to live with the one I have. The compressor is still not switched through the unit, it runs through a separate pressure switch.

I wrote to the supplier and as usual you get asked if you have connected this or that wire .. etc. Why is not anyone starting to think that the problem is on their side. I get sooo sick of that …

The suspension is now set up the way I designed it and all components fit very nicely together,the air bags, the shocks, the height sensors etc. works perfectly – at least for now :D

The next step is to clean up all the cables and hoses, then I will do the plumbing of the water and holding tanks.