Good weather, done some work .. still moving data around the computers
couple of terabyte take time to copy .. Ubuntu times out when nas is too busy..
have not had that problem before, but no intention to solve this for now, so
I did not do too much in parallel and left the Linux box do it’s thing..
All data is recovered from the busted raid .. that was another reminder to
keep backups up to date.

Anyway .. I wired the air control unit. Started with the airline but one is wrong ..
I did not double check in the shop and they did put the wrong fittings on my main
compressor hose .. damn ..
So I got frustrated and did not continue the pressure lines but done the electrical
side ..

The sensor cables for the height sensors are way too long. I did not feel like cutting them,
so I left the access length inside the connection box. This box contains the control unit
and the cables. I hope everything works because I do not feel like taking this apart again.
Nothing will move inside that box.


Closed the lid and keep my fingers crossed that it works as designed.
The power supply lines are not yet connected and the bundle with the smaller cables is the “third party” interface. I will use these cables to link my central system to the air control unit through an Arduino with Can bus interface. I also have additional pressure sensor which deliver a signal below 5V and can directly be read by the Arduino. I will
have that information available on my touch screen inside as well as in the tow vehicle.

Tonight I do a bit more clean up and then intended to lay out the components for the battery management system and wire them together to get my prototype working.